South Africa’s leading supplier of imported and locally produced premium quality, certified organic food and beverage products.

Our aim at Harrewyn Organics, is to bring the finest organic products from around the world to South Africa and to provide export opportunities for local organic foods via our bases in Britain, USA and South Africa.

Wherever possible, we will source Fair Trade products. Energetically speaking, the food produced along Fair Trade lines is healthier and more buoyant.

“Don’t forget we ingest energy when we ingest food.”

As a discerning, conscious consumer you will be able to:

  • “TRACE THE TASTE” for the bitter taste of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten.

“I’ve had a lifelong love affair with food,” says Rob. “The way in which we eat is changing; we are going back to the old methods and traditions. The exponential growth of farmers’ markets and organic food sales in the UK, the EU and the US is a sure sign that this movement is unstoppable. I have no doubt that South Africa will become a world leader in the organic industry.”

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Our Manifesto:

We at Harrewyn Organics hereby proclaim to the best of our abilities to:

  • Never stop searching for the world’s finest organic produce
  • Help upgrade society’s palate
  • Hunt down and re-educate all purveyors of non-organic food
  • Promote shopping, preparing, cooking and eating slowly. Read: In Praise of Slow and Slow Food Nation
  • Teach the local kids to understand and appreciate the organic way
  • Take the empties to the bottle bank and recycle everything else
  • Teach the world to sing